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Date:2007-03-19 13:41
Subject:Dublin, the day after St. Patrick's day

Fireworks and lightshows were canceled due to snow, which was a shame, but regardless last night will likely be remembered as the hi-light of this trip.

We'd tooled around Temple Bar Saturday night, where every location was packed wall to wall with fellow celebrationists. Sunday we'd found a (cheap, seedy) hotel on the other side of the river, and being it was freezing cold decided for that night to just see what we could find nearby. After a few cozy pubs and some excellent fish and chips (cliche, yes, we do it right) I saw a little place in an alley out of the corner of my eye called "confessions."

Upon entering we discovered a place smaller than our hotel room, with no one there younger than twice our ages. A pair of old Irishmen sat in the middle with guitars, picking out Irish tunes that were known and sung along to by every patron there. They were happy to meet us, had to try on Danny's Stunna's, and told us we had to sing before leaving. Irishmen have beautiful voices. One would start to belt out a song and the others would all join in. At one point a guitarist handed his instrument to a long bearded man who had to be in his 80s, and he sang a ballad to an absolutely silent room full of respect. I found myself moved.

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Date:2006-05-22 02:03
Mood: indifferent

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Date:2006-05-15 12:52
Mood: indifferent

"Yes, I am smitten. I am in deep smit."

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Date:2006-04-01 13:01
Mood: productive

As you may have noticed, I went to England.
I took some pictures while I was there.
They're not necessarily the best, nor are they hardly representative of the 400+ that I took, but I've uploaded a few to ye olde intarweb. You can find them here:

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Date:2006-03-18 08:37
Subject:Canada Water
Mood: rejuvenated


Yesterday I was a bit lost. The castles I had planned to visit in Wales turned out to be about a 5 hour train trip from anywhere, which kept becomming really inconvenient, so I found some castles that looked interesting near Cardiff, Wales, which was just a short trip from Bath. I looked up B&Bs in Cardiff before I left and found one that was "across the bridge from the train station and down the river." The train to Cardiff was packed to standing room only, and when I got out of the station there was a mad ammount of activity. Finally found the bridge and set off down river, searching in earnest for a vacancy sign. After about 20 minutes of walking I hadn't found any such thing, what I had found was a lot of really run down houses that all looked the same, grass that hadn't been cut in quite some time littered with trash, and a lot of really shady people. The sun had just about set and it was getting dark. About this time I was thinking that if I did find a B&B here I probably wouldn't really want to stay. I was also thinking that if I was going to get mugged anywhere on my trip it was going to be here, and was reflecting on things like "well, I've had a good life..."

So I headed back to the station and asked a taxi if he could take me to a good B&B, to which the answer was a flat "No." Upon pressing further the reply was "they're all booked." About this time I just kinda lost it. I try very hard to be the kind of traveler that is open to anything at any time and can adapt to any situation.* But after about a week of rambling aimlessly my ambition was frazzled. The thought of riding into yet another random unknown town and searching for a B&B in the dark just wasn't sitting well at all.

So at a lack of ideas, I found a payphone and rang (british word, means "call") my friend Bea in London, told her I was going to get on the express train there and asked her if she had any ideas for a place to stay. She said she was out of town for the weekend, but to call her back in an hour and she would see what she could do. I've decided that I love Bea eternally now :)

Oh, and once on the train I discovered from a fellow passenger that all B&Bs in Cardiff had been booked 6 months in advance for the St. Patrick's Day rugby match with France. I'm learning. Stupid British and their sports.

After a very fast train trip (bullet trains are cool) I called Bea who had got ahold of her roommates (flatmates) and let them know that her friend from California might come by and crash in their living room. Have I mentioned how much I love Bea? So I tubed to Canada Water and met Bea's flatmate and now new friend Reggie, a 16 year old from South Africa (who's first language is Afrikans) who moved here three weeks ago on work visa. Reggie was very gracious and accompanied me to a place called Tesco's which turns out to be the Safeway of England (I bought a whole roast chicken for £1.5). I'm learning. Seriously, my next trip here is gonna be great.

So me and Reg stayed up til 11:30 (which is pretty late for me since I've been getting up at 7 every morning) BSing in their kitchen about England, the States, and South Africa, and I crashed on their futon. It's exactly what I needed and I am eternally in their debt.

I'd hate to rely on their hospitality twice though, and I have yet to see a goddamn castle. So my plan today is to find something that's not a great distance away, find a B&B beforehand and call them to see about avialability, and then come back to London tomorrow night when I still have a hotel reservation. Whew, that about sums it up...

*It occured to me later that part of the reason I am able to do this is I always have my car, which I can use as a sort of home base or safe zone. I can always leave stuff in it and sleep in it. Traveling by foot eliminates this factor.

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Date:2006-03-16 16:54
Subject:Trip update
Mood: listless

Crap, I totally screwed up my schedule today. Looks like I wont be making it to Dublin for patty's day after all. But then, I never planned on a set itinerary anyway, so...

Meanwhile, Bath is an incredibly beautiful city, something I wasn't aware of til arriving. I came in at 4 in the afternoon and it was the first sunny day I've had. After miles of rolling English countryside with quaint brick houses, the train suddenly came into a small valley of glinting church towers and 18th century buildings, all in local yellow limestone. I started to scramble for my camera when the conductor came on to say "Bath Spa" and I realized what was so great about the place I'd been heading to.

After getting a room at a B&B run by some very lovely people, I totally crashed and slept til 7 AM, which wasn't really the plan. Then in the morning I found out that in order to see Stonehenge I'd have to go back to Salisbury, which is where I'd just come from, so I figured I'd explore bath while I was already there. When I finally got to Salisbury though there were no more busses going to stonehenge, and by the time I would have got there anyway it would have been dark. So after a couple hours wasted on the train I'm back in Bath. Unfortunately its another 5-6 hours on the train if I'm going to get to Holyhead, where the ferry to Dublin berths, and I don't really want to go stumbling around some tiny welsh port in the middle of nowhere looking for a B&B at 11PM. The ferries only leave in the early AM and the late PM though, and my only other option is flying which is a $300 ticket. I think the idea's pretty much out of the question, but oh well, I'm not much of a drinker anyway, and I haven't really gotten any better from last week's insta-plague. Apparently Cardiff is rather Irish and its right up the road, so maybe I'll go see if I can't find a good celtic band up there tomorrow. And maybe I'll get a chance to see stonehenge yet.

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Date:2006-03-12 18:36
Mood: giddy

So I'm in England. Yeah. They really do drive on the other side of the road, theres really red double decker busses and phone booths everywhere, and they stopped making taxis in 1934 and just kept repairing the old ones.

There's a lot that has happened in the past three days, and when I sit down to type about it I really can't figure out what to say. But I almost cried when, in the aiport shuttle, the man reading the recorded safety message finished his sentence with "and there you have it, Charlie." I keep seeing attractive girls (and ladies, you should really dress like they do over here, cause I love all the hats and fancy boots they have) and then I hear them say something and my stomach drops like on a roller coaster (in a good way I mean).

I made some new friends, Bea, Pete, and James who are awesome and showed me around town for a bit today. Everything's really expensive and I have to keep reminding myself that 1 GBP != $1.

My half hour of internet time is running out. More on this later. Hope you're all doing well.

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Date:2006-03-07 22:08
Subject:Tylenol's wearing off...
Mood: sick

Fuckin A...

So, in order to prepare myself for an 8 hour timezone shift, I decided come Monday I was going to force myself to start getting up earlier. Ideally getting up at 2AM is the equivalent of 10AM in London. So going to bed at 4AM and then getting up four hours later meant I had no problem falling asleep at 9PM that night.

It also meant that my immune system, already weakend from a weekend of drinking and having to put up a constant fight against the current biological warfare in my house, decided to give up and invite said biologicals in for tea.

So I'm gonna be sick in England. Worst plan ever...

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Date:2006-02-19 01:23
Subject:Fuck you food service
Mood: sick

I'd have to say waking up with food poisoning is probably one of my least favorite things to do. Thankyou Denny's, thankyou...

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Date:2006-01-05 19:31
Subject:I'm on Atomfilms

So one of the animations I worked on this summer, S-car-Go, is right now listed in the top 5 on atomfilms for both animation and comedy. See if you can tell which shots were animated by Pixar lead animator Andy Gordon, and which were done by animation students from Chico State :P. Anyway, pretty cool to get my name in the credits there even if I'm not getting any $ from it. One of these days I'll have to see about getting some original music for Tubes and get it on there.


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Date:2005-11-28 18:30
Subject:For you Chico folks mainly
Mood: indifferent

Some of you may recall a bit of a bungling up with something called the Smash Awards last semester. If you don't, it basically went that I mistakenly entered (and won) a contest that I wasn't supposed to because nobody told me I couldn't.

Well they've changed the rules now and they asked me to re-enter, so if you're not doing anything tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 PM and want to come sit through an hour or two of bad student films, with the chance of seeing me get to go up on stage, then swing by the BMU Auditorium.

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Date:2005-11-22 22:38
Subject:I'm only pretending to be a director...

...but I thought I'd give a production update. Here are some stills from the production "Heist," starring Carl E. Taylor (d0rkboy). And oh yeah, happy birthday Carl.

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Date:2005-10-27 14:43
Subject:Rapid Eye Movement
Mood: productive

So I've been dreaming a lot more than usual lately, or the dreams have been intense enough to actually remember past waking up.

3 nights ago was the classic recurrence of being in the driver seat of an out of control car, gas pedal stuck and brakes nonfunctional. These never end well, but there's always that little voice that, after getting over the initial shock of waking up, says "Damn, that was cool." I think this must be how I'm supposed to eventually die or something.

2 nights ago I was dodging incomming flights of arrows, as one of my neighbors back home had decided to return to his Native American roots with his tribal brothers and take back California.

Last night some girl and I were the last aboard a rather spacious escape pod in the evacuation of a self destructing interstellar pleasure cruise. We found a Canadian couple who were the only fellow humans on board and spent the trip eating little capsules that changed the way your eyes looked.

Last night was by far one of the more awesomer dreams I've ever had.

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Date:2005-10-17 17:54
Subject:That last one was for Mel
Mood: productive

Being two weeks behind schedule, I forced myself to sign up for a camera this week. Carl, you got some time on Wednesday and/or Thursday to do some filming?

Addendum: I'm sure everybody cares so much about my schedule next semester, and they're just dying to know what I'm taking. Or I assume, since that's what people seem to think I care about when I read their LJs. So here it is:

Monday - Free
Tuesday - 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM: Class
Wednesday - Free
Thursday - 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Class
Friday - Free

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Date:2005-09-27 21:40
Subject:3 more days
Mood: excited

The previous wasn't what I had intended to post tonight. What I had intended was this:

The time has choose a time.

Respond soon, as this will involve more people than read this LJ.

Update: 7:20 has been confirmed. If you'd like to join me and a few others get tickets for then.

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Date:2005-09-27 20:46
Subject:God damn, more meme...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astronomy:
    Kinda by accident. My dad was getting into amateur stellar photography my last year in high school (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows my dad, nor the fact he was building his own cameras and telescope), so I did a physics project on jupiter and used real data. My physics teacher thought I was into astronomy and got me a job at a radio observatory, even though I had no freakin idea what a radio observatory did.
    Anyway, people who know astronomy make better sci fi writers.
  2. backpacking:
    Been doing it forever, I mean come on look at where I grew up. Love being out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a bag of munchies a water filter and a sleeping bag. Fresh air, etc, nuf said. Fuck your technology.
  3. bartending:
    Ok, here's something you don't know. My great uncle Jim died when I was in junior high and though I didn't know the guy so much my favorite memory of him was sitting at the bar in his super upper class San Jose home eating pretzels when I was like five. I always wanted to have a house with a bar so I could be a gentleman like my great uncle Jim.
  4. digital art:
    I'm good at it, I get off on praise, people praise you for what you're good at. End of line.
  5. game design:
    I dabbled in halflife modding in high school. It was a lot of fun, and I wish I had the drive to actually do something more than dabble.
  6. science fiction:
    I'm a nerd. I like to read. Any further explanation needed?
  7. writing:
    Haven't done much these days. One can only take so many research papers before their soul is eroded and they never want to type more than the occasional LJ. I actually am a good writer, but its only because I read a lot and know what good writing is.
  8. photography:
    Something I always thought I could be good at (still not though). Meeting Jamie a couple years back made me really jealous that some kid a few years younger than me could take pictures that good, and I bought an expensive camera.
  9. road biking:
    I am determined to be as fit as my dad when I am his age, and the way my dad stays that fit is by biking. Biking alone is good time for thinking and feels good when you're done. Biking in a pack is a trip. Biking really fast is just a rush.
  10. sailing:
    'Nother thing I picked up from my dad (interesting...). Been sailing all my life, riding the wind close hauled (really fast) is a blast, and you get to pretend you're pirates. I've always wanted to learn to really sail, like on my own, but I still don't feel I know much past the basics.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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Date:2005-09-26 22:05

I just clicked for the hell of it, had no intention of posting, but it just turned out so damn accurate...

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at</td>

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Date:2005-09-10 18:26
Subject:Feel sorry for me dammit!
Mood: okay

Occasionally I golf with my friends for no real reason (I can't golf). It's good to get outdoors every once in a while. Today while golfing I was stung by a yellow jacket (no biggie, I've walked through yellow jacket nests and survived) and was also hit in the leg by a golf ball. Off the fly. That means it hadn't bounced or anything, it was moving at about the max velocity you can get off a 6-iron. This was a rather new experience for me. I was kinda pissed at the guy for not yelling "Fore!" like you're supposed to, but we were in fact watching the guy swing and it was also kinda our fault for sitting at the back of the green he was hitting towards. It didn't really hurt anyway. Much.

Usually in an event like this I'd like to do something fun to cheer myself up, aka visit the strip club. Unfortunately I just spent pretty much all the spending money I have (that is, had) on legos. I'm not going to say how much that is exactly, because I'm rather ashamed to admit it.

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Date:2005-08-31 21:13
Subject:wft is this meme bullcrap...

Ok, so I've been the victim of a couple of these the past couple days, and I guess the "rules" are that you have to do them yourself once somebody does it for you. I generally like to think rules (at least stupid rules) are made so you can break them, but I'm avoiding homework right now. I recieved multiple of these, as I said, so I'm merging the best from each into one.

1. Reply with your name and i will write something random/say what I like about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the first and/or most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

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Date:2005-08-12 14:36
Subject:Hey, where'd my summer go dammit?

Ok, remember that whole movie thing I was talking about doing? Yeah. What the fuck am I thinking?

I'm one of the least organized people I know. How the hell do I expect to find and coordinate a cast and crew of a dozen or so fellow students, offering nothing in return for their dedicated services other than a name in the credits of some no-name nerdy college student's sci-fi short. Seriously, I can't direct. The few times I've had someone in front of my camera I've been embarrased to tell them what I want them to do. Directors can't do that, directors need to be assholes, not quiet types. I just see this whole project collapsing, barely even getting off the ground in the first place. I'm setting huge goals and I'm beginning to think I'm way in over my head.

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